Artist Bio

My name is Gustav Julius Solis, I'm 23 and currently living in Denver. I graduated with a BS in Computer Science and I work as a Software Engineer, but my true passion lies in visual arts. The beginning of my art journey started in 2017, going into sophomore year of college. I liked photography and though I had zero experience, I knew I wanted to bring more to the table. I did not want to be another photographer who posted a well-edited portrait or landscape every other day. Thus, my mixed-media interest was born. I would take a photo if I thought it looked cool, give it an interesting color edit, and throw it in photoshop for some further drawing. That seed has grown into what you see today. Now I am transitioning into more physical art. Challenging myself to get better at painting and drawing, and finding creative ways to edit my photos into real life mediums. 

Where's my money going?

All proceeds I earn are reinvested into new projects, keeping the shop running, and getting my art in front of more people. Any purchase is greatly appreciated and is in direct support of my future goals as an artist.

What's the Shipping Policy?

All orders over $50 qualify for free shipping within the United States. Local delivery available for orders within 25 miles of Denver Colorado.

What's the Return Policy?

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, or the item arrives damaged, please email In most situations, I will offer a free return for orders within the United States.